Fly & Dine

(c) Peter Wienerroither

We offer 2 options of an exclusive flight experience for 3 to 12 persons. For rather short distances we recommend the helicopter service to bring you to the culinary hot spots. The direct route saves valuable time and takes you directly to your chosen destination.

Alternatively you can travel by Private Jet to have for example a seafood lunch at the Adriatic Sea. Crossing national boundaries is possible.

Fly & Dine services guarantee spectacular views and an unforgettable experience up in the sky.


Oldtimer Gourmet Tours

(c) Peter Wienerroither

Spend one or more days behind the wheel of a classic car and experience beautiful streets and culinary delights with lots of time for personal interaction. During the Classic Car Tour you will establish and maintain relationship between your business partners and staff.

For all of you who would like to combine the enjoyment with a little bit of competition, we also offer a Classic Car Rally equipped with professional timekeeping devices.


A day at the winery

1-WR Weingläser

This is a great opportunity to learn and experience how wine is made in the surroundings of the beautiful National Park Lake Neusiedl.

This exciting program starts at 10 am with vineyard management by the experienced winemaker at his winery and in his vineyards. Enjoy traditional lunch with the family. In the afternoon you see the important equipment for wine making and learn about cellar techniques. To finish the Wine Day you will have a wine tasting with matching canapés in the cellar of the winery. Be inspired by the winemaker’s successful marketing ideas.

This event is perfectly qualified for company-meetings and teambuilding-programs. We can accommodate you at the winery’s guest house or in nearby hotels.

Another highlight is the 10-course gala dinner with corresponding wines to enjoy the full range of local products.

WR Neusiedlersee

Culinary art

(c) Peter Wienerroither

The importance of food has increased during the last years. We offer a repertoire of activities (to mention a few) around this fascinating subject.

  • Cooking workshops with professionals are highly entertaining and educative. Discover your passion for food and its preparation.
  • Dinner in the dark. Enjoy a four-course-menu in the complete dark. You will be guided through this evening by a blind assistant, leading you behind the curtain of our visible world.
  • Create your personal Cuvée. After explaining the different types of grapes and terroirs the winemaker assists you in composing the perfect Cuvée.
  • The romantic Candlelight dinner for two in an exclusively rented wagon of the Giant Ferries Wheel remains unforgettable.
  • Only a few can resist the sweet seduction. During a chocolate seminar you create your own pralines and other delicious temptations.
  • Become a coffee expert. Similar to a sommelier the specialist knows everything about origin, aroma, brands and their characteristics.


Acquire a taste for travelling!

WR Essig Naschmarkt