Culinary art

(c) Peter Wienerroither

The importance of food has increased during the last years. We offer a repertoire of activities (to mention a few) around this fascinating subject.

  • Cooking workshops with professionals are highly entertaining and educative. Discover your passion for food and its preparation.
  • Dinner in the dark. Enjoy a four-course-menu in the complete dark. You will be guided through this evening by a blind assistant, leading you behind the curtain of our visible world.
  • Create your personal Cuvée. After explaining the different types of grapes and terroirs the winemaker assists you in composing the perfect Cuvée.
  • The romantic Candlelight dinner for two in an exclusively rented wagon of the Giant Ferries Wheel remains unforgettable.
  • Only a few can resist the sweet seduction. During a chocolate seminar you create your own pralines and other delicious temptations.
  • Become a coffee expert. Similar to a sommelier the specialist knows everything about origin, aroma, brands and their characteristics.


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